Why use Refurbished Pallets?

Millions of new pallets are used annually in the Western Cape, and only a fraction of these pallets are re-used and/or refurbished. Western Cape Pallets, has revolutionized the industry by supplying quality refurbished pallets to industry, saving our clients an average of 55% on their pallet costs.

We supply pallets to all sizes of business, including many of the top 100 FMG manufacturers. Our clients include Farmers, Warehouses, Distributors and even our Competitors. Refurbished pallets are extremely cost effective for one way shipments, the farming industry and also for recurring use.

We sell refurbished pallets in both large and small quantities.



It is no secret that our Competitors purchase pallets from us. Ask yourself the question. Why?

At Western Cape Pallets we are extremely passionate about Service Delivery, Cost Saving and most of all, Quality of our products. We are confident that we will exceed your expectations.

A Decade of Experience

Western Cape Pallets has been in business for over 10 years and proudly maintain our very first client to this day. This, for one simple reason… each client, should feel, like our Only client. Being in the industry for 10 years is proof of our on-going commitment to our clients, and has enabled us to be the market leader in the pallet industry.

Our Client’s encompass a wide variety of industries, including:

• Our Competitors ( …we ain’t kidding )
• Food
• Pharmaceutical
• Paper
• Government
• Heavy and Light Industrial Manufacturing


Quality Pallet Repair

Western Cape Pallets uses state-of-the-art machinery and high velocity nail guns to ensure quality pallets are produced on all our refurbishing lines. Only quality ring-shank nails are used during the repair process, thus, continuing a reputation as the industry’s market leader, producing quality pallets each day, every day.

The quality of nails and the nailing process is responsible for 45% of the pallet integrity, and Western Cape Pallets surpass the industry standard on all these levels.

Delivery + Service

Our diverse client’s define our 10 years of success, and we take pride in striving to exceed your expectations. Western Cape Pallets often assist clients in difficult and emergency situations arising from unexpected containers, increased production or surprise orders, by ensuring immediate delivery. Same day and next day deliveries are also available.

All our clients are serviced knowledgeable staff who know the product and the client’s unique needs and purchase patterns.


We deliver to anywhere in South Africa!!